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Twism FAQ

What is Twism?

We're glad you asked. Twism is the next-generation customer loyalty and growth marketing platform that empowers business owners to engage with their customers like never before. All for free!

We also enable local businesses to distribute loyalty rewards and sell pre-purchased credits to their consumers in the form of digital 'coins' to be used during future in-store and online visits, as well as shareable gift cards.

What do you mean by Coins?

Forever ditch that annoying at-the-counter hardware, paper punch cards, and high-friction customer check-ins.

Every business on our platform can create their own digital "Coin", which is your own self-branded digital currency to incentivize loyalty, and which can be distributed and used for a huge variety of transactions:

Get your business published on the Twism Marketplace App for iOS and Android.

Reward consumers with instant loyalty coins that accumulate in their wallet.

Allow people to seamlessly buy coins from your business, which they can use later, just like a gift card.

Enable people to collect, build, and trade your branded coins, and then redeem them for your goods, products or services.

Grow transaction volumes by having people redeem their coins at your brick and mortar or online ecommerce store.

How does COVID affect Twism?

Twism was envisioned and designed as a completely contactless system that works at brick-and-mortar locations, and with your online ecommerce website. Your customers are able to collect, use, redeem and buy coins without ever having to physically come into contact.

However Twism is also here to help local merchants in these trying times. While the platform is now totally free to use, Twism will not take a single penny of revenue from businesses when consumers decide to buy coins during this time. This means that you can instantly enable your customers to send you money now, and use it later, thus creating the opportunity for your business to survive. Create incentives through offers and loyalty rewards to get customers in the door and to keep them coming back for more. Customer retention has taken an even greater importance during these times of uncertainty, and Twism is here to help your business implement an attractive loyalty program your customers will respond to.

Why will Coins kill traditional Gift Cards?

Twism will completely disrupt the old, traditional and clumsy gift card industry with a radically easy, secure and streamlined process that unleashes unlimited financial potential for both your business and consumers.

The old way:

Walk into a store

Wait in the line

Get up to the register

Pay for your new gift card & sign a receipt

Wait for the funds to be loaded

Stuff into your wallet along with 10 other cards or mail it to a friend

Perhaps you can always go to a website and email a digital gift card to someone, but...

...Months later they have to dig into hundreds of emails to find it


The Twism way:

A consumer opens the Twism Marketplace App

They click over to your business listing

Then they buy any amount of coins which get deposited into their secure wallet instantly and you get those funds deposited to your bank within days

The consumer can then send a text to anyone in their address book with any amount of coins from your business as a gift

Your business gets an unlimited gift card growth tool to acquire new customers

Ok, sounds great, but how does this work?

Once you are part of the Twism ecosystem, then any business on the platform can easily send coins, and any consumer can easily receive, buy, redeem, gift and share them as well.

Visit any participating merchant and use one of your linked Visa, Mastercard or Amex cards to make the purchase. You will instantly receive coins from that business as a reward, no added steps.

The next time you open the Twism app, you’ll see all of your coin rewards for every business as a total balance in one digital wallet interface. Redeeming rewards is as simple as bringing up the reward coupon and showing it to the cashier during your next purchase, or using coins as a discount at an online checkout page. Any credits are subtracted from your charge and you pay the discounted price with your credit card. So easy!

After COVID-19 is behind us, your favorite businesses can continue to reward your loyalty by recognizing your Twism linked cards and automatically apply discounts, freebies, and credit back into your digital wallet. Coins can be used during any future visit to keep you saving money.

What kind of businesses will I find on Twism?

Actually, we've designed Twism to enable any type of business to use our platform. We feel this vision should not be limited to the size of a business, but rather the passion a consumer has for a brand, and the entrepreneurs who drive local business and community sustainability.

However, whether you're operating a retail business, a restaurant, cafe, food truck, coffee shop, or even a service-based business like massage & tattoo parlors, dog walking, baby sitting, plumbing, etc., Twism has a place and a consumer for any situation, occasion, or meal.

Please note that Twism will not allow any business involved with the sale of:

Drugs & Drug related paraphernalia of any type

Firearms of any type

Pharmaceuticals of any type

For a complete list, please see our partner page at Stripe

I’m a business owner, how much is this going to cost?

Any business that registers on Twism during our first year will have their loyalty features unlocked for free, forever!

COVID is horrible! To support and show our love for local merchants, during these times Twism is also waiving all associated fees until a sense of normalcy has been restored.

In the future, Twism will charge for various value-added services such as marketing messaging to consumers, small transactions fees and offer redemption.

I’m a business owner, where do I start?

You can visit our website or create an account here.

Our registration process is quick and easy, takes about 5 minutes, and walks you through the steps to:

Create an account & provide your business info

Set the rewards and loyalty you wish to give customers when they transact with your business

Link a merchant banking account to Twism to get funds paid out from pre-purchased credits

Link your payment processor or online store if you use one

Create an offer

I’m a consumer, where do I start?

Twism is a marketplace that enables you to manage the coins you directly buy or earn through each transaction, from every business, all in one convenient digital wallet.

You can also send or gift coins to anyone, even if they haven't joined Twism yet.

Link your Visa, Mastercard or Amex using our super secure military-grade PCI compliant system and simply make a purchase at any Twism participating merchant and watch the magic happen. Coins will instantly appear whenever a linked transaction occurs.

Download Twism today from the

Discover more businesses, offers and savings in your local area

Select businesses you want to support and buy coins to redeem later

Save offers and get discounts on the products and services you'll love

Manage everything and check on all your balances through one integrated digital wallet

How much is each coin worth?

Each coin is worth $1. The total value of your coins from each business are shown in your digital wallet on the Twism App.

How many coins can a consumer earn?

As the owner or manager, you have complete control over and visibility into how many coins a consumer can earn whenever they make a transaction at your brick-and-mortar or online business.

From your Twism account, you can set the ratio, or percentage of loyalty coins awarded for each transaction amount. (i.e., 1 coin awarded for every $15 spent, which means you've set the loyalty at 6.6% of the bill.)

Coins are just like digital dollars for your business, so the system will automatically calculate the cents as well. There is nothing further you need to do once this is defined. (i.e., Your customer spends $6.50, which means they will have earned $0.43.)

How are coins redeemed, purchased, and used?

Purchasing Coins:

Open the Twism App

Select any business you want to purchase coins from and tap on "Add Coins"

Select how you want to pay (Card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc.)

Select an amount & complete the purchase

Coins instantly get deposited to your digital Wallet

Redeeming Coins at Brick & Mortar Shops:

Open the Twism App

Select any business where you want to redeem your coin balance

Select a product or service published by the merchant

Confirm you want to use that amount of coins - if there is an insufficient balance you may choose to buy coins

Show the cashier, server, or manager your Twism device, and then tap on confirm

Receive your purchase and coins will be removed from your balance

Redeeming Coins at Online Stores:

Open the Twism App

Select any business where you want to redeem your coins balance

Select "Convert Coins"

Select the amount of coins you want to use and confirm

Coins are converted into an online coupon code - click to copy the code

Tap on the link to shop at that online store

During checkout, paste the discount code and receive that discount directly on your purchase

Using Coins:

Use coins to buy goods, products and services from local brick and mortar stores.

Use coins to create discounts for online purchases

Buy coins to be used at a later date

Send coins to anyone as gift cards to your favorite local shops or online stores

Why are Offer & Loyalty rewards different?

Offers are usually one-time deals and discounts offered by a merchant to incentivize customers to visit their establishment and join their program on Twism. Customers will be rewarded coins every time they use a linked card at a participating Twism merchant. These business-specific coins can be redeemed for any available loyalty rewards listed by the respective business. For example, Joe’s Coffee Shop may be offering a Scone for 4 Coins.

As a business owner, will I be giving discounts to every customer using Twism?

Not necessarily. The great thing about Twism is that you are in complete control of every offer, discount, or incentive you may want to create.

Offers are a completely customizable tool that is designed to fit the needs of your business.

While we recommend creating a one-time general use offer to help drive new customers to your location, they can also be published with specific rules that protect your business.

Control & limit if offers can be combined or used only a single time

Set the exact number of offers that can be circulated, like inventory! Once this runs out, then there are no more offers published

Add a time sensitive expiration date to your offer

Provide custom details and instructions for your offer

Why do I need this for my business?

Did you know 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers? Customer loyalty and repeat business is the clearest sign of a thriving business. Of course, providing high quality products and services is the root of why you started your business. However, sometimes customers require a little more incentive to keep coming back. Twism is the simple, convenient solution to help your businesses retain customers and reach out to new ones.


At this critical crossroads in our Nation's history, a quote comes to mind: "Let us ask not what our small businesses can do for us, let us ask what we can do for our small businesses" (we tweaked Kennedy’s quote a bit).


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