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Twism FAQ

What is Twism?

We're glad you asked. Twism is a small-business technology platform that seeks to put mom-and-pop shops on equal footing as Corporations during the economic downturn of COVID-19.

We allow local businesses to sell pre-purchased credits to their consumers in the form of digital 'coins' to be used during future in-store visits, and to incentivize loyalty by distributing coins back into your wallet as loyalty rewards, gift cards, and points.

If we don't act quickly, we could all be waking up to Corporate hellscape in our neighborhoods, losing every shop that makes where you live truly special. Don't let that happen! We launched now to be part of the solution. Be a hero and help our local merchants strengthen their chances of survival.

What do you mean by “coins”?

A coin is simply a digital form of money that is specific to each business. When you purchase credits from a business, or the business rewards your loyalty after you make a purchase, you receive the appropriate amount of their digital coins. Coins are instant, totally secure, and can be redeemed for products by simply showing the business the proof of coins on your phone. Easy as that. No physical cards to keep track of or lose. All you need is your phone.

Why are you launching now, as COVID-19 strikes?

We are here to help local merchants quickly raise cash without borrowing against a credit line or other traditional forms of financing. Just like the big guys.

We do not want to see our local businesses go out of business. We want them to make it through this ordeal and be there for one another during and after this emergency. Twism is built to help make that happen by providing the tools for businesses to reach out, and for customers to respond by making purchases online and receive a bonus. This gives the merchants critical revenue that can keep them going, while giving customers the satisfaction of helping while benefiting from special pricing. It is a true win-win.

The huge companies like Starbucks have the means and tools to do this. As an example, let’s take the Starbucks App. Hundreds of thousands to millions of customers pre-load credit onto it. What this means is that at any given time, each Starbucks location on average is sitting on $70,000 of pre-loaded credit, plus another $140,000 in unused or not-yet-redeemed gift cards.

Twism gives every business the same ability. We must get our neighborhood mom-and-pop stores on equal footing as corporations if they stand a chance at survival. Imagine giving mom-and-pop shops a $200,000 boost in their financial footing to get through these uncertain times.

Yeah, wow. I'm in! So why is buying coins better than using physical gift cards?

Twism takes the gift card industry to a whole new level of ease and functionality. Twism centralizes and streamlines everything. All the coins for all the businesses are housed in the Twism system. It is secure and very easy to use.

You know what traditional gift cards are like. They require a sign-up process at the merchant or buying at a store or individual websites. This takes time and then you have all of these cards to keep track of. They inevitably get lost. And if you do find one, then usually you don’t know how much is left on the card. Physical plastic cards also create extra work for the business – swiping, reporting the balance, and sometimes requiring special equipment for the business to manage the cards. And then there’s the extra 7-10 business days for the bulky cards to arrive. Frankly, it is a hassle for both the customer and the business.

Twism, on the other hand, puts all local merchants in one digital platform and in the palm of your hand. After signing up for an account, and uploading and storing your card on file, it’s easy to purchase credit with a swipe of a finger and instantly transfer your favorite store's uniquely branded coins into your Twism Wallet that resides securely and conveniently on your phone.

What gift card can do that?

O.K. Sounds great. I would like to know more details of how this works.

Again, what is really great is that once you are part of the Twism family, then any business that is part of Twism can give and receive their coins so easily.

Say you go to a store and make a purchase. All you need to do is make your purchase with either Visa or MasterCard and the business can instantly send you coin rewards via Twism automatically. You make the purchase the same way as always, and you get rewards with no added steps.

The next time you look at your Twism app, you’ll see all of your coin rewards for every business in one wallet. Redeeming rewards is as simple as bringing up the reward coupon on your smart phone and showing it during your next purchase. The credit is subtracted from your charge and you pay the discounted price with your credit card. So easy!

After COVID-19 is behind us, your favorite businesses can continue to reward your loyalty by recognizing your Twism linked cards and automatically apply discounts, freebies, and credit back into your coin wallet. Credits can be used during any future visit to keep you saving.

What kind of businesses will I find on Twism?

Most retail businesses can sign up, from restaurants to bars, to cafes, to brick-and-mortar stores. Twism helps sole proprietors too, from massage therapists to hairstylists to tattoo artists. If they take Visa or MasterCard, then they can be part of Twism.

I’m a small-business owner. How much is this going to cost me?

To meet the moment of COVID-19, Twism is waiving all of our associated fees until social distancing measures end.

I’m a small-business owner. Where do I start?

Visit our website and create an account. You supply quick and easy information, including the who, what, where, and why of your business. And have your bank information handy, so we know exactly where to send your funds.

Then, share your profile across all your social media to get the word out. Consumers want to know how to help, so let them.

I’m a consumer! Where do I start?

Simply choose which businesses you want to support, the number of coins you'd like to purchase, and then wait until the store opens back up again to spend it in-store. It's that easy.

How much is each Coin worth?

Each coin is worth $1. The total value of your coins from each business is shown in your wallet.

OK, I'm buying coins. How do I redeem them when the time comes?

Initially, the confirmation of your coins will be sent via email. Soon we will release the full Twism app. When that releases, you will receive an email to download the app and see all of your coins in one central location.

In closing:

At this critical crossroads in our Nation's history, a quote comes to mind: "Let us ask not what our small businesses can do for us, let us ask what we can do for our small businesses" (we tweaked Kennedy’s quote a bit).

Seriously, Be a Hero.


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