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Did you know 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers?

Do you know who they are?

Twism is the next generation all-in-one marketing platform combining digital currencies and financial integration technologies to give you the tools to increase your customer database and increase your revenue. You pick and choose which tools you want to turn on.

  • Loyalty
  • Offers
  • Birthday Club
  • Customer Lists
  • Gift Coins
  • Stored Value
  • Messaging
  • Social Assets


Each business can make their own coins, which are modern digital currencies that replace old punch cards and inefficient tablet-based programs.

of consumers consider loyalty programs in their buying decisions.
more is spent by consumers with businesses that have loyalty programs.

Twism is directly integrated with the Visa and MasterCard payment networks. Our securely encrypted systems are able to recognize your customer transactions instantly, and you can reward them with the right number of coins in real-time, automatically. No Point-of-Sale integrations, no tablets, and no extra interactions are needed by you nor your staff.



A plug-and-play platform for the immediate creation and distribution of offers of any type.

of consumers spend $10-50 more when they’re redeeming a mobile coupon.
of consumers are more likely to shop with a particular brick-and-mortar if they’ve received a coupon from that store.

Most offer platforms control the rules that you must abide by, have too much complexity, and are too costly to be effective. Twism’s offer and coupon solution was built by working in tandem with what business owners would design for themselves, and you don’t need to be tech savvy to get started. You control the offer rules and offer types (% or $ discount, good for the first ‘500,' expiration dates), create as many as you want, and they’re instantly accessible to users on our platform.


Gift Coins

What Venmo did for money transfer between peers, Twism has done for money transfers between businesses and their consumers.

of consumers request gift cards, thus the top choice on their wish lists.
more than the face value of their gift cards is how much consumers spend when redeeming them.

Traditional gift cards are a hassle for both businesses and for consumers. Physical plastic cards also create extra work for the business in the swiping, mailing, and reporting of the balance. For consumers, plastic cards inevitably get lost. And if they do find one, they usually don’t know how much is left on the card. All of these factors limit the number of gift cards sold.

With Twism, consumers can instantly buy digital credits to your business in the form of your own coins, and then instantly send to friends. The Twism Wallet securely holds all coins for consumers, and the Twism backend dashboard automatically accounts for all gift card bookkeeping.

Pricing: $0 upfront, $0 ongoing, just pay-as-you-go: 3% transaction fee.

Gift Coins

Stored Value

You can get money from a bank or from relief programs, or you can incentivize consumers to give you money now for products they can purchase later.

of stored value / float is sitting in the Starbucks app from consumers who pre-load their accounts.
of stored value / float is sitting in the Starbucks accounts from as-of-yet unredeemed gift cards.

On average, each Starbucks coffee shop is sitting on over $200,000 of stored value / float. Twism brings the same functionalities of pre-purchasing and stored value and float to your business. Each business can choose what incentive (if any) to give consumers based on how much they pre-load, and then you sit on the float. It’s like an interest-free loan from your consumers.

Pricing: $0 upfront, $0 ongoing, just pay-as-you-go: 3% transaction fee.

Stored Value

Birthday Club

Simple: Traffic generation.

of Americans eat out on their birthday.
more is spent on birthday celebrations than other tickets.

The Birthday Club is designed to bring your business more traffic. The average celebratory birthday table includes 3-4 people, and they usually spend and tip more than other tables. You load your birthday offer once, and then we do all of the work by notifying all Twism consumers one week before their birthday of your special gift.

Pricing: $0 upfront, $0 ongoing, $0 redemption fee. This is our gift to all businesses.

Birthday Club

Customer Lists

You can build an automatic and self-generating list of your customers.

more cost is needed to acquire new customers than satisfying and retaining current customers.
increase in customer retention rates results in a 25-125% increase in profits.

Short of putting a fishbowl to get business cards, or a clipboard on a counter to get email addresses, most businesses don’t have a list of their customers. Every Twism transaction, from coins to coupons to sharing, gives you a list of your customers and how they’ve interacted with your business. Your customers are your lifeblood - now you know who they are and how to reach them.

Pricing: $0 upfront, $0 ongoing.

Customer Lists


You can simply and quickly send targeted messages to your customer base.

increase in customer retention has the same effect on profits as cutting costs by 10%.
greater redemption occurs when a business includes a photo in their promotions.

With Twism, you can message your current customers and also prospective customers. You choose who to message and what to send them. You can filter your customer base by their spending amounts, or who hasn’t been back in a while, or by how close they are to receiving a loyalty reward, or whatever else you’d like. We organize the data, and then you can send them a note, offers, coins, or whatever you’d like whenever you’d like.

Pricing: $0 upfront, $0 ongoing, just pay-as-you-go: $100 per outgoing message to your entire customer list.


Social Assets

Use our assets, customize them however you'd like, or use your own.

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. You can take any of our design assets and customize however you’d like. And then you can post on your social media or for your email marketing, and incentivize your customers to come visit you again because of your new loyalty program or birthday special or offers, or whatever you want to communicate.

Pricing: Free to use.

Social Assets

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